Editorial: Budget

POSTED: 05/11/12 12:52 PM

The departure of the ministers in our outgoing government is going to be an additional burden to St. Maarten’s budget. We present some approximate figures in one of front page stories. The question is now how the new government is going to honor these obligations. The money has to come from somewhere and finance minister has only recently committed 17 million guilders to payment for cost of living adjustments to civil servants for 2010.

That is almost 4 percent of the total budget. That figure may seem low, but it is still 17 million guilders – and many people have already expressed their doubts whether this money really will be available when the time comes to pay by June 30.

Now there is an extra burden looming that will put the budget further under pressure. We sure wish that the new government comes up with a creative solution – one that does not go at the expense of people who need support much more than the departing ministers.

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