Editorial: Budget Amendment

POSTED: 09/12/13 11:41 AM

The budget amendment Finance Minister Hassink sent to parliament is a sensible piece of work, even though the financial supervisor Cft has expressed its doubts about it.

Like with all good plans, substance matters more than intention. This is why the Cft wants to get solid information about the feasibility of for instance collecting 2.1 million guilders in arrears in casino fees, or the payment of 3.75 million guilders from settlements with a couple of prominent (in the sense of significant in terms of taxes owed) tax payers.

That stands to reason, and the finance ministry is working on putting that information together. There is nothing against criticism as long as this serves the country. In this late stage of the game shooting down the budget amendment only makes sense if the shooter offers a viable and cost-neutral alternative. The rest is sabre rattling politicians ought to save for their election campaigns.

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