Editorial: Breaking the law

POSTED: 10/14/11 11:29 AM

The statement former Finance Commissioner Xavier Blackman produced at the request of attorneys for the fired head of the finance department Bas Roorda sheds a discouraging light on the character and the actions of our current Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto.
That Shigemoto is, in Blackman’s opinion, disinterested and lacking initiative is one thing. But that he apparently also had a habit of speaking sarcastically and negatively about his own government and the Executive Councils he served is remarkable, especially because this is exactly one of the accusations the government has leveled against Roorda to justify his dismissal.
Even worse, it appears now that Shigemoto made payments from the Economic Recovery Fund without permission from the Executive Council. According to Blackman, this is a violation of the Kingdom law Financial Supervision.
There is no doubt that the government will challenge these statements. Interestingly, the court has granted a request to hear Minister Shigemoto, Minister Duncan, Secretary General Sherry Hazel and Bas Roorda as witnesses under oath. Because perjury is a crime, this will be an interesting exercise.
The question is now whether our parliament will wait until the court does its job or that it will take its responsibility and grill the Minister in a public meeting about the allegations that he broke the law.

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