Editorial: Bothersome

POSTED: 02/26/13 3:34 PM

Curacao’s Prime Minister Daniel Hodge had about enough of the troubles with the Central Bank for Curacao and St. Maarten and he is seriously considering throwing in the towel.

It is not the people, it is the structure, Hodge said yesterday. That seems to put the lid on the discussion: the joint Central Bank has never worked to the satisfaction of either party, and as things stand now it will never work either.

Hodge justly refers to the Central Bank in neighboring Aruba that is working just fine. So why hang on to the headaches that come with the bothersome relationship between Willemstad and Philipsburg?

If it does not make sense to Hodge, it should not make sense to his counterpart in St. Maarten either. For the time being however, there is no white smoke coming out of the government administration building, indicating that the cabinet has made up its mind the way Hodge seems to have done.

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