Editorial: Bosman-law

POSTED: 08/21/13 1:11 PM

Whether André Bosman’s initiative-law goes into effect or not does not make all that much of a difference. According to constitutional law expert Hoogers (see our front page article) it will not solve the problem it claims to address, so at the end of the day Dutch legislators will find that they have been shoving paper around while life in the real world simply goes on.

What hurts some people is obviously the signal Bosman sends with his initiative. Antilleans will have to meet certain requirements that do not apply to native Dutch – or to anybody living in the Netherlands holding a Dutch passport for that matter. The law will create two categories of Dutch citizens. Like in colonial times, those from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba will once more become “subjects.”

So far, St. Maarten’s politicians have kept a low profile, but in Curacao the opposition to the Bosman-initiative is loud and clear.

We suspect however that the political sentiment in the Netherlands is on Bosman’s side and that the initiative will stand a good chance to become law. It’s of course a pity that it won’t solve the problem Bosman so desperately wants to tackle.

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