Editorial: Bosman Law

POSTED: 03/5/14 10:29 AM

Today the Second Chamber debates the Bosman Law. As our front page story with the Dean of the bar association shows, not all Dutch are happy with this initiative that discriminates against Dutch citizens from the islands in the Caribbean.

Shameful and racist, Dean Remco Stomp says about the initiative law. Yet, there seems to be a majority in the Dutch parliament to give Bosman what he wants: a lock on the door to keep underprivileged citizens from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba out of his country.

Whatever the parliament decides today will certainly not be the end of the road. It will also be too early for Bosman to cry victory in case the Labor Party PvdA stays the course and supports his draft law. In the two-chamber system of Dutch parliamentary democracy the First Chamber – where members truly can call themselves senators – must also approve the legislation. Otherwise it will die there, and that would be a satisfactory ending of this affair.

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