Editorial: Bold step by telecom provider UTS to invest millions

POSTED: 11/5/13 12:32 PM

Telecom provider UTS has taken a bold step by investing millions in a new network that meets the demands of today’s market.

While the company is not saying too  much about this move in the context of a possible merger with competitor TelEm it is clear that UTS has had more than enough of the inertia successive governments have displayed where finding a strategic partner for TelEm is concerned.

Already in the fall of 2009, when interim manager Pieter Drenth left, there was a shortlist of three companies: UTS, Digicel and Lime.

In July 2011 – indeed, more than two years ago – Prime Minister Wescot-Williams said in parliament that the government’s plans to privatize TelEm were proceeding “according to schedule” and that is was a matter of months before the shareholder (the government) would make a formal proposal to TelEm’s supervisory board of directors.

In the meantime, Corporate Innovations have obtained a telecom license and a concession, so sooner or later a third party may enter the market. What this means for TelEm’s future is anybody’s guess.

One thing is certain: our telecom-cake is only that big and customers will always flow to the provider that offers the best service against the best price.

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Editorial: Bold step by telecom provider UTS to invest millions by

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