Editorial: Blue Mall

POSTED: 12/28/12 1:01 PM

No joke: the Blue Mall in Cupecoy has announced its soft opening. The first stores in the towering building that has stood a bit forlorn in Cupecoy for a very long time have opened for business, and the management company announced the arrival of another 24 stores in the first quarter of next year.

With around thirty stores, the project will still be far from the 500 jobs developer Gioia promised back in 2009, but it is at least a beginning.

How the largest mall on the island will do remains of course to be seen. The only other mall-like project on the island – the Westindies Mall in Marigot – is not exactly a resounding success, no matter how attractive the building looks.

The forerunners that have now taken a leap of faith by setting up shop in the Blue Mall will find out soon enough whether they have a future in Cupecoy. We wish them well, because nobody will benefit from another failed venture.

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