Editorial: Bitter pill

POSTED: 09/19/12 1:53 PM

The ruling by the Common Court of Justice in favor of two men who were facing life imprisonment may be a victory for the defense but it is a bitter pill for their victims and the relatives of those who died at the hands of these two men.

The court’s arguments for not confirming the life sentences, but to mitigate them to 30 years imprisonment, imply that from now on no one will ever be sentenced to life imprisonment again, no matter how bad their crimes were.

One of the arguments the judges from Curacao used was an assessment of the social and political climate in St. Maarten: there is no social or political will to acknowledge the right to a pardon. This is an assumption based on personal perceptions and it has nothing to do with the content of the fat file that contains the allegations against the two defendants.

Their crimes were horrible and now they have a court ruling that, in the eyes of many, matches those crimes.

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