Editorial: Bigger headaches

POSTED: 02/5/15 7:55 PM

Not everything is well in Oyster Pond. The Oyster Bay Beach Resort seems to be acting like the big bad wolf, by claiming a part of the beach in front of the Great House next to Busby’s Beach Bar for the placement of beach chairs for its guests.

The government is apparently unable to take a decent and clear decision and it has in the meantime forfeited a small fortune in penalties.

The bottom line is that Busby’s has been on this beach since 1996 and that the former island territory has always condoned its beach chair activities.

The big brother next door – technically not even located on this beach, but on a rock formation – has invaded the beach with its chairs, a practice opposed by its adversaries and never properly sorted out by the government.

We know that acting Vromi-Minister Marcel Gumbs has bigger headaches to deal with right now, but this situation also deserves serious attention.

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