Editorial: Best client ever

POSTED: 02/15/13 1:40 PM

The reports that come out about embattled casino boss Francesco Corallo seem at times conflicting. One moment the man is wanted by Interpol, a couple of months later his name and blurry picture are taken off the wanted list and most recently, the Italian supreme court published its reasons why Corallo is not a member of a fraudulent scheme at a bank in Milan.

Corallo has time and again explained that there is nothing fishy about the loans he contracted for his B Plus company and he also has on numerous occasion indicated that he is the target of competitors in the profitable Italian gaming market.

The letter The Huffington Post published wherein B Plus reminds the bank that it is actually its best client ever and that there is a bright future ahead if only they drop a civil lawsuit against the company has given prosecutors new ammunition.

Without a doubt, to be continued.


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