Editorial: Behind closed doors

POSTED: 09/14/12 2:59 PM

A closed door meeting of the Central Committee about the zoning policy and development plans? Whoever came up with that idea must have lost his (or her) sense of reality. Vromi-Minister Marlin already presented the plans on August 22 during a press conference, when it was announced that they would be ready by June of next year. The Department of Communication soon after started to mention consistently in press releases that completing the plans will require 24 months.

So-called town hall meetings have already been held for Simpson Bay and the hillside conservation areas, until the whole circus came to a full stop on Monday when a packed Belair Community Center learned that a scheduled town hall meeting had been canceled. Yesterday’s meeting about the hillside conservation areas was also canceled without reason.

Do we smell political pressure here? It is tempting to jump to that conclusion, especially after Minister Marlin’s apology that came without an explanation. And now there is a closed door Central Committee meeting.

My oh my, with us, many readers will wonder what on earth is going on here.

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