Editorial: Beautification

POSTED: 11/27/12 2:04 PM

The initiative by the Justice Ministry to organize a training about crime prevention through environmental design is a positive one that should not end after the 40-hour training for law enforcement officers is completed.

From what we have seen, turning ugly walls into breathtaking three dimensional trompe l’oeils will not only upgrade a neighborhood, it will also radiate lots of positive energy to anyone who comes eye to eye with these images.

Will it also inspire people to commit fewer crimes? This is obviously the big question, but we are confident that such an approach will indeed yield positive results.

When buildings are defaced with graffiti for the first time, new graffiti usually follows in a hurry – unless there is a cleaning crew at hand to remove it as soon as it appears. That is a negative approach and it has done nothing to eradicate ugly graffiti.

We’re looking forward with interest to this new trend in beautification.


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