Editorial: Balancing act

POSTED: 12/13/13 5:10 PM

Now that the contours of the draft 2014 budget have emerged, it is clear that 2014 will indeed be a meager year for St. Maarten.

The architect of the budget has cut straight through the mess left behind by the 2013 budget and brought it down to levels that seem acceptable from an accountant’s point of view: a balanced budget with achievable numbers.

The question is of course how this minimum budget will affect our community and who is paying the price for the balancing act.

Who will feel the pain the most? Slashing the budget for public health, social affairs and labor by almost 30 percent seems to indicate that the weakest in our society are the “pineut” while there is apparently no way to recover unpaid road taxes from citizens that skipped their 2013-payment.

With all this on the line, we expect a more than interesting budget debate – either next week, or early next year.

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