Editorial: Balanced budget

POSTED: 01/25/13 1:12 PM

The government has had to tone down its ambitions for 2013 even before its draft budget reached the parliament. Based on what feels like sound advice from the financial supervisor Cft, the Council of Ministers has agreed to cut down expenses by 25 million guilders, to move another 16 million towards replenishing the SZV-fund and to lower its projected revenue increase from 15 to 8 percent.

Those are large steps towards a realistic budget, Cft chairman Age Bakker said yesterday, and on paper that may very well be true.

One concern remained underexposed though: the quality of the country’s financial management. In its December 24 advice the Cft noted that plans to improve this had practically come to a standstill. Yesterday Bakker spoke of improved financial management.

Time will tell which statement is true; when the annual account for 2013 is completed and audited we will know whether the government apparatus delivered on its promises.

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