Editorial: Back in the game

POSTED: 02/11/13 2:45 PM

The Italian Supreme Court has taken the sting out of the saga that had dogged Atlantis World Group and B Plus Giocolegale owner Francesco Corallo for more than two years.

The highest court in Italy has stated clearly that Corallo is not a part of a criminal association at the Banca Popolare di Milano designed to collect kickbacks for questionable loans. In the meantime the damage is done: Corallo’s attorneys have claimed that their client was forced to sell his casino license in Curacao below market value and that other business partners have turned away from him. In Italy the matter of Corallo’s exclusion from a tender for new video lottery terminal-licenses is still pending – but that could still be corrected when an administrative court deals with an appeal tomorrow. With the Supreme Court ruling in hand, Corallo could still come out on top. As the Huffington Post reported: he is back in the game.


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