Editorial: Back down

POSTED: 07/21/15 7:16 PM

The court has handed down a loud and clear ruling on the Gebe-Maduro case, one that ought to give the current government and the cabinets that come after them plenty of stuff to think about.

The articles of incorporation of Gebe contain clear rules for the appointment of directors. Why did this have to come to a court case? If the Council of Ministers had simply read these articles, it would have known that it could not reappoint Maduro.

We wish this court ruling to have an effect on the future behavior of the government with respect to the companies it owns but – as is clear now – does not control to the extent it wants.

From what we know now, the supervisory board has done an excellent job. It stood for what is right in the face of mounting pressure from the government.

The cabinet will now have no choice but to back down, because it is highly unlikely that the still pending regular court procedure will produce a different result.


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