Editorial: Awaiting the State of St. Maarten Nation address

POSTED: 09/13/11 1:03 PM

One can almost think that today’s State of the Nation Address by Governor drs Eugene Holiday will be the government’s reply to days and weeks of mounting concern over the state of the country’s economy and the its handling of governance. A true look at the government’s track record will show that much of the criticism is justified because the nearly year old United People’s (UP) Party/Democratic Party (D.P) has not be delivering on its promises.
Some of the key matters that are left hanging going into today are continued lack of clarity on a new tax structure, the plans for a new National Health Insurance, how the government plans to concretely deal with crime, the creation jobs, food prices, energy prices and how to keep the social fabric of the country knitted together.
What is obvious going into today’s address is that the ordinary man and woman will be taking the promises that will be doled out with not just a grain, but with a whole tablespoon of salt. That’s because other promises also still have not yet come to pass. The lack of an approved budget until mid-year is partially to blame for that, but three months later, there is still no sense of urgency because for example, the lines at the Civil Registry and Receiver’s can still get pretty long. Where is the promised location in Simpson Bay?
And though there are cynics and skeptics about the government’s plans and its ability to accomplish them, people are remaining hopeful that some of what is said will help to solve a core issue: Keeping a roof overhead, clothes on their backs and food in their bellies.

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Editorial: Awaiting the State of St. Maarten Nation address by

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