Editorial: Aura of integrity

POSTED: 10/10/12 12:05 PM

Things are not looking better for ousted Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte in Curacao. Not that there is anything new about his ties with Atlantis World Group boss Francesco Corallo, but the fact that the latter has now been put on display through correspondence from the Dutch Embassy in Rome as someone who is (or was) involved in the drugs trade and as a prominent member of the Sicilian mafia does not exactly give Schotte an aura of integrity.

That Schotte saw fit to approach the Home Affairs Ministry in Italy with a request for a statement about Corallo’s behavior makes matters worse, because those contacts are the prerogative of Foreign Affairs Minister Uri Rosenthal. By going his own way Schotte revealed that there was something fishy about the request.

The high post Schotte had in mind for Corallo was most likely the job on the board of the Central Bank, after earlier attempts to put Atlantis CFO Baetsen on that chair had failed.

Ronald van Raak may have a point with his statement that Schotte should never be a minister again.

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