Editorial: Anxious weeks

POSTED: 03/7/13 8:59 PM

A relatively young defendant is going through the three most anxious weeks of his life. Sentenced to 9 years as an accessory to the man who presumably murdered Amador Jones on April 16, 2011, the defendant is now awaiting the result of his appeal. His attorney has asked the court to acquit him on what seem reasonable enough grounds. Nobody has seen the defendant around the crime scene, and the first anonymous witness to tie him to the crime made a statement based on hearsay.

That the young man then did some unwise stuff, like hiding the bike he allegedly used to drive the killer to the murder scene, is a fact. But the bike was never examined and according to the defense there is therefore absolutely nothing to link its client to the crime.

The Court in First Instance had a different opinion and handed down a 9-year prison term. By the end of this month we will know whether that sentence stands.

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