Editorial: Answers on social welfare

POSTED: 10/23/11 10:58 AM

Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Cornelius de Weever heads back to Parliament on Monday to answer the questions and concerns put forward by MPs. One can only hope that he will approach the topic at hand with the due sensitivity and be able to offer assurances that the ministry’s not just taking people off their list or cutting their funds. That would imply he and the people in the department have no care for those they are charged with serving.
One thing that does jump to mind that we hope the minister addresses is the personal touch suggested by Independent Member of Parliament Frans Richardson that staffers in the social welfare department make home visits to those on the recipient list. It is indeed a way to improve service and it also offers government a control mechanism as they’ll be aware of who is truly in need and who is raping the system.
The minister must also address the long turnaround time. If it is the case, for example, that the forms are not filled in fully, perhaps the answer is to up the service ante and have the people in the department assist the clients when they come in. This is a simple way of ensuring that the process flows smoothly later on. If there is one department where the front line is key, it is social welfare and so the absolute thoroughness and diligence must be exercised.

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