Editorial: Another party

POSTED: 08/20/13 12:28 PM

With the establishment of the Social Reform Party by former National Alliance-candidate Jacinto Mock the field for next year’s elections has expanded to six contestants – and we suspect that we have not seen the end of this development yet.

Small parties have a tough time winning enough votes to claim a seat in the parliament. Look at the experience of the Concordia Political Alliance for instance, that got stuck with just 121 votes in the 2010 elections.

With that experience in mind it is not likely that the political establishment is losing sleep over these newcomers. A lot depends on the election-program they present to the electorate.

Historically contenders have been slow with the publication of their programs, even though the national ordinance that regulates political parties states that they have to be published “in a timely manner.”

Another weak point is that party’s never present the financial foundation for their plans. In that sense, election-programs have been more like booklets filled with empty promises that guides for the electorate. If the newcomers are able to change that to start with, their presence will already be a step in the right direction.

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