Editorial: Andre Bosman’s suggestion a cheap shot

POSTED: 08/23/13 2:37 PM

VVD-parliamentarian André Bosman seems to have made St. Maarten his personal hobby. Since his Socialist Party-colleague Ronald van Raak apparently has better things to do than spouting nonsense about our country, Bosman has not missed a single opportunity to put his lack of confidence in St. Maarten on public display.

This time, Bosman has asked questions about Finance Minister Hassink realistic observation that putting together a zero-deficit budget is probably a mission impossible. It shows that Bosman has not paying attention a lot, because what else is new?

Balanced budgets in St. Maarten only exist on paper, and the Netherlands has not had a balanced budget for a very long time. Worse even: the Dutch deficit is on the rise in spite of all the austerity measures the government has imposed.

St. Maarten obviously needs a sustainable financial household, but the country has to operate within the limits of its possibilities.

The government would make its own life already a lot easier if it invested aggressively in the improvement of its tax inspectorate. After all, that is the department that brings in the money.

Bosman’s suggestion for Kingdom intervention is a cheap shot designed for consumption at home. But with Bosman, we do wonder when the amendment to the 2013 budget will finally come to parliament for approval.

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Editorial: Andre Bosman's suggestion a cheap shot by

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  1. Andre Bosman says:

    As long as the Dutch taxpayers will be ultimate responsible for paying al deficits from the other countries in the Kingdom, I will not allow a deficit on a budget. If the country of Sint Maarten wants to run up a deficit, they can when they are independent!