Editorial: And now more legal fees

POSTED: 01/19/12 1:35 PM

It really just never ends when the lawyers get involved, now does it? That’s a valid question considering that yet again the Workers Institute for Organized Labor is dragging the former Pelican Resort to court. Next to that they’re heading to the International Labor Organization (ILO). While the latter idea is something we can see some sense in, we really have no clue why a union would now turn around and drag a resort that just gave a vast majority of its members a job.

There is a cold hard fact here. The economy is in turmoil and very few new jobs are being created for people with little or no skills. The people who used to work with the former Pelican Resort still have expenses and will not be able to meet them unless they can find a job, which they just got handed basically on a silver platter.

Does the salary and benefits match what used to be in place? No. But that’s fair considering that there is a new situation at the resort. One thing we’re sure of is that it is probably a lot more than what each of these people would get in social welfare. So really riling up these workers yet again is unwise and wrong.

The way forward is to see how the union can regain a foothold at the resort to represent the employees’ interests and use negotiation to at some point allow people to get better wages and benefits. The best way forward may also include the union talking to management without an attorney. Maybe then some rationale other than hourly fees can drive the discussions.

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