Editorial: And now for the minister

POSTED: 08/17/11 11:40 AM

Parliament has been hearing from stakeholders in the national economy during meetings it had last week and this week. This is good as it arms parliamentarians with general knowledge that they can use to question the minister using a letter, have a debate with the minister on a particular matter or use as basis for an initiative law.
We believe that it is only correct though that the minister also be given the chance to directly speak to MPS and the nation about the bits of information that MPs have gathered thus far. Giving the nation information through the media is one thing, but spending time giving MPs an overall picture, now that they’ve seen parts of it, is only a natural conclusion, or even continuance to the series that has been initiated by the President of Parliament.
It is interesting that Minister of Justice continues to be called to parliament to give information about how he’s dealing with crime, but the minister at the top of the revenue generating ministry has only really been there with his colleagues as part of budget debates. To borrow a phrase from the president of parliament “the issue is just too important, for us not to hear consistently from the minister.”

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