Editorial: An opportunity

POSTED: 01/11/12 12:48 PM

Do or die day may have finally arrived for the workers of former Pelican Resort. They’ve been made an offer that to us would be wise to take. The previous acrimony aside, the fact is the owners of the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina are reaching out and offering not just an olive branch, but a genuine meal ticket for the former staffers and their families.
We realize that what happened and what the workers have been trying to accomplish through collective bargaining have stamped a real impression on labor relations in our young country. But frankly the lack of a proper exit strategy has left some of the people affected wondering where the next meal will come from, how to pay the rent/mortgage, clothe and feed their children and pay bills. All of this while financing efforts to find employment.
Make no mistake that what may be on offer is not the best deal but there’s a bright kernel of goodness in what is available. That one thing that’s great is that employees can continue to pursue their claims. The door is still wide open on that so people can continue making a living while securing their livelihood.
Let’s also point out that the Collective Labor Agreement expired on December 31, 2011. What exactly that will mean, we’re not sure. We are confident though that it playing that card now won’t be that great of an idea. Instead each of the 92 people offered a job, need to take a hard look at their personal situation and decide how to move forward, including how to eventually salvage the collective bargaining process, which seems to have led to this particular dark patch.

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