Editorial: Ambush

POSTED: 10/2/13 12:56 PM

Ronald Bandell, chairman of the Progress Committee Sint Maarten has come to the rescue of the government in the controversy over the instruction to Governor Holiday to initiate an integrity investigation.

Bandell says that the measure the Kingdom Council of Ministers took on Friday resembles an ambush. There were better ways to deal with the situation, Bandell said, though we wonder what those ways should have been.

Any integrity investigation will benefit St. Maarten. Maybe not the government, the civil servants or the institutions that come under an investigative magnifying glass, but most certainly the citizens. And that is what this is all about.

Citizens going about their daily business are always paying the price for graft and greed. That will not change through an investigation, but a good study will at least bring the weak points in our systems to light. That is where the focus ought to be, not on procedures.

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