Editorial: Alzheimer

POSTED: 09/25/13 5:55 PM

Alzheimer’s disease is hanging like a dark cloud over the world and apparently the world has no clue how to deal with it.

That the number of patients with Alzheimer’s and related diseases will increase at a worrisome pace is a fact, but nobody seems to be too concerned about this.

In Aruba, the first ugly side-effects have already been reported. The Alzheimer foundation received this year already nineteen reports about neglect and abuse of such patients.

Is this how we want to deal with citizens that have fallen victim to an unstoppable disease? What happens in Aruba is most likely not unique, so we have to look at this issue in St. Maarten as well – the sooner the better.

Oh, and after we have “looked at the situation” it is high time for an action plan.


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