Editorial: All together for the economy

POSTED: 08/10/11 6:00 PM

Banks, the government and no doubt the wider business community are all keeping their eye on the state of the world economy and trying to figure out how exactly to deal with the impact of financial woes in both the United States of America and in Europe. Government has, in fact, already gone past monitoring by engaging the civil service in a planning process, continuing to seek out investors and committing to keeping the economy running through infrastructure projects.
The key thing here is that while this happens above the heads of the everyday St. Maartener that none of us give in to panic and fear. Now is the time for steadfastness and commitment. Also it’s time to make sure you hold on to your jobs and as the President of the St. Maarten Bankers Association put it; “not to go on any big spending spree.”
It is important that we all realize that the rainy days we were supposed to be saving up for have arrived and that while we must continue to spend, doling out large amounts of cash to make an impression is not a great idea. Now is the time to be reserved and to place the majority of the focus on what you need and less attention on what you want.
At all levels though there must be recognition of the times and what they mean. Conserving shouldn’t be the mantra of the colloquially named “small man.” Also those who earn more money must also contribute more. That’s only fair and will help to keep balance in the economy.
One great thing about this entire recession though is that it has created an opportunity to evolve and surge forward. Enterprising spirits will flourish in these days and the nation St. Maarten will be better off for having them.

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