Editorial: Alarming news

POSTED: 04/26/12 12:55 PM

The survey among general practitioners tells us exactly where we are today, Public Health Minister Cornelius de Weever said yesterday. It was a bland reaction to a report that contains some alarming news.

While our general practitioners – the first line of defense for people who fall ill – do their job enthusiastically, they also maintain their equipment poorly, while some of the clinics are not accessible for handicapped patients. The quality of patient dossiers leaves a lot to be desired and the agreement between the doctors and the hospital for medical services during the nights and weekends has a negative impact on the quality of care.

Even more serious is that there seems to be a serious communication problem between doctors on the one side and specialists and pharmacists on the other side. That is potentially dangerous for patients who get caught in the crossfire.

The Public Health Ministry has an urgent situation on its hands that concerns all citizens. The minister’s laidback reaction to the report’s alarming findings could easily be perceived as a lack of concern. We trust that this is not the case and that the most urgent matters will be tackled in a hurry.

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