Editorial: Adverse effect

POSTED: 12/20/12 5:21 PM

Curacao seems to be set on breathing life in its controversial 80/20-legislation – a favorite of Pueblo Soberano. The partners in the newly formed government are apparently on board, even though they have not yet seen the adjusted version of this legislation the PS has promised to write.

From every perspective, this 80/20-rule seems a bad idea, and we really have no idea how it could be re-written to make it palatable for the private sector.

The basic idea is to offer more job opportunities to locals – an objective nobody ought to have a problem with. But these good intentions could very well have an adverse effect and therefore lead to less employment.

Companies look first and foremost for skilled workers. That does not necessarily mean highly educated: it means having the skills to do a particular job.

If origin becomes the prime qualification for 80 percent of the workforce, Curacao’s economy is doomed. It will come back to haunt the politicians who devised this plan one way or the other. If companies are unable to hire the right man or woman for any particular job, their performance will go down and that will unavoidably lead to less employment.

In this respect we wish that what happens in Curacao stays in Curacao.

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