Editorial: Added value

POSTED: 03/31/14 11:14 PM

Independent MP Romain Laville’s venture into a Memorandum of Understanding with Dominica is an interesting one. If it returns what it seems to promise – scholarships for local students, cheap cooking gas for residents – it is all good.

There is of course more to this deal than meet the eye – there always is – and the most important issue is obviously that the Council of Ministers still has to sign off on this deal.

Apart from that, the memorandum is full of terms like “facilitate” and “explore” which creates the impression that a lot has been discussed and that little has been decided.

The value of this initiative remains uncertain. Joint tourism marketing is a topic that has been pushed for years by the Caribbean Tourism Organization and it got exactly nowhere, because all islands prefer to do their own thing. Why this would suddenly work in a one-on-one situation is unclear. What will this cost and what are the benefits?

Those are for now unanswered questions. At the same time, initiatives to seek cooperation in the region are in itself  a good idea. If there is any added value to be had for St. Maarten remains however to be seen.

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