Editorial: Actual work please

POSTED: 06/28/12 12:08 PM

Promises flowed freely in the Dr. A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall on Wednesday and now fill the pages of this newspaper. But nearly two years after an election and yes even just a month in office promises are not what the people of this country are looking for. No, the people in this country want results. Or more colloquially they want results.
It is unfair that the people who are burdened must now be treated as if political parties are back on the campaign trail and vying for their votes, when they are smack in the middle of a governing period. But because certain individuals with little to mandate decided they weren’t happy anymore the country continues to live in economic malaise as ministers figure things out and regurgitate the same policy points that the former administration had already put on table.
The view we take on the new minister’s economic vision would be unjustified if only he had presented new ideas. We also see the glimmer of political expedience because now the causeway becomes a means to employ local contractors, like that wasn’t the intention from the beginning.
Oh and since the government is going status quo with the St. Maarten Tourism Authority, abandon the trip to Aruba to view their system and spend time here on finalizing the law and putting that into practice, especially since it was written based on Aruba’s legislation.
The time for fact finding and promises is over. Let’s get some actual work done.

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