Editorial: Active Hurricane Season

POSTED: 07/8/13 12:39 PM

Forecasters predict an extremely active hurricane season. For the Caribbean the storm season will be 45 percent stronger than the average over the past century.
There is one thing forecasters are not able to predict and that is where these major storms and hurricanes are going to make landfall.

Hurricanes Donna (September 4, 1960), Luis (September 5, 1995) and Lenny (November 20, 1999) are the most devastating encounters our island has had with the forces of nature. There have been other storms, of course, but none of them were a match for the big three.

With all this in mind, individual citizens and companies alike would be wise to take their measures in a timely manner instead of waiting until the last moment.

Historical data suggest that St. Maarten ought to expect major storms late in the season, but there are no guarantees.

Let’s wait and see first what will happen with the storm system that is underway right now.

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