Editorial: Acquittal

POSTED: 07/4/11 12:06 PM

The acquittal of businessman Bobby V. did not really come as a surprise to most people who followed the rape trial. But even though the outcome of this ordeal is satisfactory for the accused, there are no real winners in this case.

The 16-year-old niece who accused her uncle of rape will now go through life as a girl with a questionable history, and her uncle will have a hard time putting some distance between himself and the accusations that have hung over his head for fifteen months.

The frustrating part of the verdict is that the court concluded that things could have happened the way the girl described them in her complaint, but that there is not enough evidence to prove it.

Combine this with the fact that Bobby V.’s attorney revealed during the trial that the girl’s mom attempted to broker a $1.8 million deal to make the charges go away (before the rape complaint was filed) – and all the ingredients for a local soap opera are there.

The circumstances of the case indicate, in our opinion, that it is highly unlikely that Bobby V. committed the acts he was accused of, but we fear that all this will not stop evil tongues from wagging.


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