Editorial: Accountability

POSTED: 02/25/14 10:51 PM

The General Audit Chamber gave a clear and concise presentation to members of the Central Committee of parliament yesterday afternoon. What struck a chord is the remark by the chamber’s secretary-general about the philosophy behind the work of this organization: “There has to be accountability.”

As simple and logical as this sounds, so complicated is it to get some real value out of it in the real world.

Reports from audit chambers unavoidably appear a long time after the audited year. The practice of the General audit chamber of the former Netherlands Antilles proves that successive governments have done little to nothing with its findings and recommendations.

This is why it is good for St. Maarten to have its own auditing institute now. It operates closer to the local political playing field and its recommendations are “made at home” so to speak. If this contributes to their impact on the manner in which the government handles its business, we all have a brighter future ahead of us.

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