Editorial: Absolute Care

POSTED: 09/22/11 2:08 PM

There’s been an increase in gun related incidents in recent days and this is cause for concern for every law abiding member of the society. Some may find comfort in knowing that as of January 1, they’ll be able to apply for a gun license under the policy crafted by Justice Minister Roland Duncan and then use the weapon to protect their business or their family. We do not share that view however.
We do not share the view point because at look at some of the crimes committed with guns show us two things. The first is that the killing is somehow linked to a criminal network, or the person wielding the weapon is trying to make some fast money. Therefore putting guns into more people’s hands is not a solution in as much as it can serve to exacerbate the situation.
What is really needed is a stronger police force that works to ensure that criminal networks are stamped out at all levels, including the white collar thievery of money laundering and bank account siphoning. We must also fix our economy so that young people have prospects to earn money a legal way. Next to that we must restore the value to hard work and teaching the next generation that in order to truly enjoy life; they’ve got to put in the work.
Some of what we mention will take time, but other things can right now. The important thing is that we get to work now on solving this problem at its root, not with a patch job.

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