Editorial: About time (banish race and discrimination from politics)

POSTED: 03/25/14 8:17 PM

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that we shouldn’t stigmatize and label all Antillians and Moroccans. It’s about time the head of the Dutch government did. Geert Wilders may be the most obvious and odious representative of European far right politics, but he is not the only one.

The Bosman law didn’t come from Wilders’ PVV, but from Rutte’s own VVD, and that is a worrisome development in Dutch politics. Wilders remarks at a recent rally in the The Hague after his party gained ground (see related stories) justifiably sparked national media outrage across the Netherlands, prompting some news outlets to break their decades long editorial silence and condemn the PVV leader.

In a snap poll nearly one third of the Netherlands agreed with Wilders’ remarks on Moroccans. Luckily, it seems the PVV is unraveling as we speak because Wilders went too far.

St. Maarten can learn from this. Any politics based on race or discrimination is untenable and immoral, and should be banished from the face of the earth. Are we not all the children of creation?

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Editorial: About time (banish race and discrimination from politics) by

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