Editorial: St. Maarten continues to exist on a wing and a prayer

POSTED: 10/19/11 6:31 PM

Country St. Maarten continues to exist on a wing and a prayer when one considers how things are developing. Somehow we are also starting to get the feeling that the government is right about needing to construct a foundation during its governing term.
Our most recent example of what still needs to be sorted properly is the set up of the country’s postal service. One year after becoming a country, there is still no business plan for the company that is taking over the service. Yes, data is key to that plan, but an obvious fact that seems to be ignored is that somebody here in Philipsburg had to have been providing headquarters – New Post Netherlands Antilles in Curacao – with information on what was collected and what was spent. In fact the same argument could be made for every former Antillean institution that had some presence here.
We’ve taken a sustained look at the argument that St. Maarten’s government had no insight into certain issues, and now firmly believe that it is half true and half non-interest. The half that is true is based on the memory that former Antillean Minister of Home Affairs Roland Duncan refused for a long time to hand over information on the Central Government civil service. The part that’s non-interest – is that St. Maarten’s MPs in the former Antillean Parliament just sat aside and let things happen, rather than requesting and sharing information on the departments and companies that could have led to proper set up of institutions like the Post Office in Country St. Maarten. Or maybe they did and like GEBE the companies and departments just refused to answer elected and appointed officials.
Fact is that Postal Services St. Maarten is starting its life on a wing and a prayer. Let us hope that and the commitment of its stakeholders – Board, Management and Shareholder – is enough to keep it going, until we all wake to the reality that postal services is a dying industry.

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