Editorial: A test of justice

POSTED: 01/29/14 11:31 AM

The incident where a robbery suspect apparently died during a struggle with his alleged victims could have complex repercussions. From what we can tell in the preliminary report – and we do not know all the facts – the suspect bit off more than he could chew, and suffered for his transgression. How this will play out legally is still anyone’s guess.

Do we hold the victim legally responsible for the death of someone who intended to harm them? It would seem absurd that a person is punished for defending themselves against an attack. After all, is that not the most fundamental of all rights?

If the tourist in question is an American, we all know what the US political and media blowback would be if he or she goes to jail over self defense. Our justice system and our legal values would come under tremendous scrutiny.

But we still don’t know all the facts. This will no doubt, however, be an interesting case to follow and will test our justice system.

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