Editorial: A tale of logistics

POSTED: 08/11/11 12:13 PM

The idea to shift Carnival to the month of June in order to create more activities in the slower summer months sounds like an interesting plan and could present some interesting opportunities.
One core issue that immediately springs to mind is the list of holidays. If the current practice is maintained where government gives the parade day as a free day, then another date in the year will have to be sacrificed as the government can only give out a legislated number of days as holidays. What might be wise is that parade day and Jouvert fall on Emancipation Day (July 1).
Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Rhoda has already put forward a law for that date to become an official holiday. Matching the parades and emancipation would negate the need to identify what other holidays may need to be dropped. It will also bring the island into step with its neighbors that are former and current British colonies where Carnival is seen as the modern emancipation celebration.
Another good argument for shifting the festival is that it will help be a great way to end the school year. The current practice has students out of school multiple times in April and May when they are in final lap before facing exams or have already begun testing. Shifting the dates to June would give them an opportunity to use the fun and color of the festival as a way to come down from the emotional stress of their exams and could potentially act as a catalyst for more schools to create groups for the Jr. Parade.
And now let the discussions begin.

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