Editorial: A recipe for family and country

POSTED: 01/18/12 11:58 AM

It is difficult not to be proud of the four young people who participated in Tuesday’s St. Maarten Future Chef Culinary Competition. Their efforts to not just win a prize, but also to promote a key subsector of the nation’s hospitality industry deserve all applause and time in the spotlight for it signals that all is not lost in the friendly country and that there are still young people working to accomplish great things on this little island.
What is good to read is that many of them are supported by parents, some of whom are already in the industry. It’s a bit sad though that the family members could not support the young culinary students more actively. As noted from the recent discussions amongst the four parliaments in the Kingdom there must be more attention for a simple thing like parents and family members cheering on each other in competitions as this gives a feeling of being part of a unit.
What is important in the discussion on family support is the question of how to accomplish the right balance of time at work and time with family. The ultimate factors in that regard are how demanding is the job, how much of it can be done away from the workplace and what standard of living a person wishes for their family. All of these are personal decisions, but they can also be helped along by a collective desire to build real families, real communities and a united country.

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