Editorial: A real fight

POSTED: 10/22/15 2:13 PM

Now we have a real fight on our hands. While the governor, based on a speedy advice from three judges, seems to offer a way out, Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs does not want anything to do with it.

The governor will only sign the national decree to dissolve parliament, followed by elections after Gumbs and his cabinet members have tendered their resignation.

The cabinet will only tender its resignation after the governor has signed the national decree – legal advice be damned.

How this Gordian knot will ever be unraveled is right now a mystery to us, especially since the governor is prepared to facilitate the establishment of an interim-cabinet based on the new majority.

Keeping calm sounds like good advice, but how will this political drama end? We are baffled by the advice, because it seems to give all parties what they want and at the same time, the standoff between the prime minister and the governor continues – for a very long time, if we have to take the word of PM Gumbs for it.

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