Editorial; A professional discussion

POSTED: 09/30/11 12:20 PM

The weekend lays ahead and beyond that a meeting of the Central Committee of parliament. That gathering requested by the National Alliance will look at a raft of issues that touch each of us just as much and maybe even more than crime – elements of the social safety net and the labor situation.

The coming discussion should not be entered into lightly and MPs should be ready to hear the minister on what may be the issues and then to offer solutions to the problems. Though we understand politics is by nature divisive, there should be a sense of coming together in the debate around motivating amendments to laws and policies that will help those who most need it. The woeful lack of solutions during the discussion on the crime situation is seen for what it is, and it would be best for that show not to be repeated.

There is also a need for the minister to be clear with the public about what the challenges are with the elements of the social safety net and how it can be fixed. Considering the current minister is a professional and not a politician we don’t think it’s too much to ask that there be a professional approach to making the case for reforms on the short, medium or longer term.

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