Editorial: A new era

POSTED: 01/8/14 5:12 AM

Roland Duncan’s announcement that he will not return to politics as a candidate in the upcoming elections or as a member of any new cabinet signals the end of an era – and the beginning of a new one.

The controversial former Minister of Justice’s tenure has not done St. Maarten a lot of good – apart from his initiative to establish community policing – and many in the government apparatus and its affiliated services let out a sigh of relief when Duncan threw in the towel in May of last year.

Under Duncan, the relationship with the Netherlands soured, and St. Maarten’s reputation suffered due to the minister’s ties with the prostitution sector and his ill-fated plan to establish a Justice Park based on a financing scheme that radiated a suspicious odor.

In terms of legislation Duncan did not measure up either, given the fact how he offered no resistance when the parliament insisted on amendments to the criminal code that have now been shot down by the Constitutional Court.

To sum it up – Duncan’s announcement is no loss for local politics at all; it is a relief.

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