Editorial: A need for sense

POSTED: 10/9/11 10:09 PM

Curacao seems to have dodged a bullet for now seeing that the Letter of Instruction drawn up by Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner has been withdrawn. We don’t naively believe though this situation is going to go away completely.
In first instance we note the provocative move by Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe to request that Paul Rosenmöller be investigated. Exactly what the minister or his party leader is seeking to do is only somewhat obvious. It’s established that they want to tarnish Rosenmöller’s image, but what further goal is there to be achieved by investigating him – locking him up in Bon Futuro? Profiting from his fee by making him pay a huge fine?
It really is well, kind of silly, to go after Rosenmöller. It is far more prudent for a party that hosted an anti-corruption march just months ago to actually press forward with the investigation into the screening and potential offences. If that proves all the accusations false it will tarnish Rosenmöller’s reputation and ability to work far more than the cheap politics of requesting that he be investigated.
The second reason this won’t go away is the fact that on Tuesday the majority in parliament look set to approve a letter stating they do not believe that Rosenmöller’s report should be followed and asking the Dutch government to not meddle in what they consider an internal issue.
The only sensible parties in this entire mess seem to be Par and PNP. However their voice of reason is being drowned out by those attempting to play the us versus them game, simply because they want to push Curacao to a new constitutional status – independent state – before the people have had the chance to truly reap all the developmental benefits of being in the Kingdom.

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