Editorial: A matter of priorities

POSTED: 02/1/12 3:15 PM

The tragic story of Felicia Williams, the teenager who drowned in a jet ski accident in March of last year, makes clear that victims too often end up holding the short straw. The driver of the jet ski, 37-year-old Aubrey Thom, was held responsible for the accident in court, and he was also sentenced to pay damages to the victim’s family.
The reality is that Thom is not in St. Maarten and it is highly unlikely he will ever come back here to serve his prison sentence, let alone pay damages to the victim’s family.

Our community needs to create a facility for these kinds of cases: a victim fund. Injured parties must be able to draw on this fund if the other party is unwilling or unable to pay for damages. It is then up to the fund’s management to recuperate money from the liable party.
This system is in place on the French side. It does not work perfectly, because procedures are incredibly lengthy, but at the end of the day justice is served. That’s how it ought to be.
There is no reason for our government not to establish such a fund. It does not have to cost a penny, because the money is readily available from confiscated criminal assets. It’s not a matter of money, but a matter of priorities.

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