Editorial: A huge mistake

POSTED: 07/15/11 1:05 PM

When the President of Parliament makes a decision that is unconstitutional and against the body’s Rules of Order that’s not just a slip of the tongue, it’s a huge mistake. One could venture that it’s also trampling on democracy by flagrantly disregarding the rules that have been set.

An interesting thing to note up front is that there is only way to “punish” a key figure in Parliament who commits this sort of offense and that is to vote them out of the position that they hold at the end of the parliamentary year. Whether MPs who support the current coalition and elected the current President and two Vice Presidents is left to be seen, but it is clear that the track record of the current leadership in Parliament leaves much to be desired and does not inspire confidence.

The National Alliance faction has been patient and “allowing people to settle in” but really the snail’s pace at which things are moving in a key institution like Parliament is frightening. News of offices that are void of the proper technical equipment for MPs to work, staff that are basically on loan from the very government Parliament must control, no parking spaces, an already missed deadline for submitting the body’s budget to the Finance Ministry are all things that now erode confidence in the institution that is rightfully Corum Populo – In the presence of the people.

Undoubtedly setting up an institution like Parliament is hard work that requires long hours and tireless dedication. However a mistake like the one now hitting the headlines is beyond an oversight and should not go unaddressed.

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