Editorial: A good example

POSTED: 09/26/11 7:16 PM

Friday morning’s capture of two men who were breaking into a gasoline station is proof of what patrolling officers can do. It gives a clear example that more blue on the streets ensures that criminals are caught and is the start of how we lessen crime in the friendly country.

Whatever we may feel about the pace of growth in the police force, we believe that this latest capture should inspire a patrolling culture in the police force. There are few officers yes, and gasoline is expensive, but the benefits outweigh the challenge of size and finances.

What also needs to happen is that the border needs to be tightened even more, because someone who was booted from the island got back in and was able to commit a crime. How he got back we are not sure, but it leads to press for the government to move forward with the implementation of Franco-Dutch treaty. That will mean that people kicked off the Dutch side, can’t return through the French side in a roundabout way. The Coast Guard must also play its role and ensure that vessels that enter our waters don’t bring in unwanted cargo or crews with people that have been tossed out before.

Let us also understand that if criminals get the message that the police have hit the streets and could spot them in their nefarious deeds, it could serve as a tool for prevention as the more cowardly choose to think twice before committing an offence.

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