Editorial: A gazillion questions

POSTED: 05/22/12 11:22 AM

The new government has been duly installed yesterday and many citizens are now wondering whether the new team will bring about a change for the better.
Surely, we must give the new team at least a little bit of time to get used to the jobs at hand, but there are a gazillion questions begging for answers. Maybe the most pregnant of all is the question about the true state of our financial affairs. Outgoing Finance Minister Shigemoto has painted a rosy picture of it, but his successor Roland Tuitt will soon find out what the value of his statements really is.
Tantalizing detail: Tuitt stepped down as the chairman of the General Audit Chamber, the institution that is about to present its findings from the country’s 2010 annual accounts. The murmurs we heard about the content of this report is that it does not only contain good news, but we’ll simply have to wait until it is published.
Now that the ceremonies are over, it’s time for everyone to go back to work.

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